Trends in Designs~

Flowers that are classic in style.  Monochromatic with a pop of color!  Take time to smell the flowers this week.  It all begins with an flower…..

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When & How to Prune Azaleas

some tips for azaleas in your home garden!

The Daily South

Pruning azaleasPhoto: Steve Bender

The azaleas in front of Grumpy’s palace are in full bloom now and looking glorious. But they wouldn’t be if they hadn’t been pruned at the right time. They’d be boring, green blobs. Here’s how to prune azaleas correctly and avoid the state of green blobness so prevalent in our neighborhoods.

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The season of Peonies~

The amount of gorgeous flowers we brought in for Mother’s day was simply astounding  and the peonies were abundant.  We love to use the most beautiful flowers in our arrangements not just during the holidays but every day!   Here is one of the  gorgeous arrangements we made for Mother’s day!  Enjoy~and stop in and see some of the lovely flowers, and our cool succulents plants too.

200x150_one in a million

April Showers~

Our last day in the month of April and here in Montclair we have the rain pouring down all around us.  The flowers are surely getting plenty to drink today!  We turn our thoughts to our floral wonders in our shop as we prepare for Mother’s day next weekend.  Here is a lovely expression of appreciation for Mom~  

200x150_mothers day 14 006


3 New Plants You Must Have

some nice ideas for your garden or planter!

The Daily South

SL Plants‘Queen Mum’ agapanthus. Photo: PDSI

As the South’s foremost advocate for rewarding gardening, Grumpy is always on the lookout for new plants that will make your gardening experience even more exhilarating than lunch with Al Gore. Get ready to be wowed by these uber-wonderful newcomers to our Southern Living Plant Collection.

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