Tasteful Wedding Favor Ideas

Cute ideas for favors. Clores is always happy to help you design one of a kind floral items,

Renaissance Flowers

Planning an elegant wedding requires you to opt for tasteful wedding favor ideas. These small tokens will let your guests know that you appreciate their time and effort to attend your special day. Some tasteful wedding favor ideas include such things as customized champagne glasses or perhaps high-end pewters.


Other wedding favor ideas include mini-picture frames, candles or even baked goods. If it fits your budget, customized or monogrammed favors are a wonderful choice! There are a variety of tasteful wedding favor ideas to chose from in order to fit in with the overall theme of your wedding and of course, satisfy the friends and family who have attended your wedding.

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Daylily — The Easiest Perennial

Daylily Tips!

The Daily South

DaylilyWild orange daylilies aka “ditch lilies.” Photo: Steve Bender

When asked to suggest just one perennial for a beginning gardener to start with, my answer is always the same — daylily. No other perennial is easier to grow and comes in so many different colors, patterns, forms, and sizes. June is prime daylily time.

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June is National Rose Month

Love is a Rose, celebrate National Rose Month and come see our gorgeous selection of Roses in the shop~

The Redneck Rosarian


Join me in celebrating national rose month by raising awareness on the wonderful world of roses.

Check out our podcasts to learn more. Explore over two years of broadcasts dedicated to growing our national flower.

If you grow roses, share you knowledge and your blooms with the world around you.

Advocate roses by becoming a member of the American Rose Society.

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Get Your Porch Party Ready

THe South has some great ideas that any of us can use up here in the North!

The Daily South

Summer Porch PartyNothing is more Southern than an impromptu Porch Party, and I am sure many will agree that their favorite early summer nights are spent with a small group of family and friends sharing stories and sipping cocktails en plein air.

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When & How to Prune Azaleas

some tips for azaleas in your home garden!

The Daily South

Pruning azaleasPhoto: Steve Bender

The azaleas in front of Grumpy’s palace are in full bloom now and looking glorious. But they wouldn’t be if they hadn’t been pruned at the right time. They’d be boring, green blobs. Here’s how to prune azaleas correctly and avoid the state of green blobness so prevalent in our neighborhoods.

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The season of Peonies~

The amount of gorgeous flowers we brought in for Mother’s day was simply astounding  and the peonies were abundant.  We love to use the most beautiful flowers in our arrangements not just during the holidays but every day!   Here is one of the  gorgeous arrangements we made for Mother’s day!  Enjoy~and stop in and see some of the lovely flowers, and our cool succulents plants too.

200x150_one in a million